Apple Wallet Passes and Google Wallet Passes with ERPLY

The integration of ERPLY and Passquare services presents possibilities for streamlining and overseeing your loyalty program:

Automated distribution of digital loyalty cards: Your existing and prospective clientele can effortlessly acquire digital loyalty cards, eliminating the need for direct assistance from staff. These cards can be seamlessly integrated into Apple Wallet or Google Wallet applications.
Issue wallet pass with ERPLY
Automatic POS synchronization ensures that all issued cards are seamlessly integrated into your ERPLY account. Each card is assigned a unique identifier, either in the form of a card number or a phone number. These cards are readily available for customers to use.
Wallet passes with ERPLY
Wallet passes with ERPLY
Instantaneous information updates: Digital cards showcase current details regarding your company and customer benefits. Our system delivers real-time updates to keep your customers informed about the latest news and promotions.
Wallet passes benefits from ERPLY
Bonus tracking and notifications: With each purchase, customers' bonus balances are automatically adjusted, and the bonus information is promptly reflected on their loyalty card. Additionally, customers receive notifications regarding their balance and the newest offers from your company.
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The integration of ERPLY and Passquare enables seamless management of your loyalty program, guaranteeing heightened levels of customer satisfaction with your offerings.

Upon issuing cards to your clientele, you can incorporate referral mechanisms to naturally expand your customer base. Subsequently, you can configure automatic segments tailored to your customers' purchasing behaviors. Within each segment, you have the flexibility to establish exclusive promotions and triggers, effectively managing customer engagement.