Passquare Marketplace.

Telegram bot.

Passquare service supports both standard wallet card formats for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, as well as alternative solutions — a loyalty Telegram bot.

To manage cards in Telegram,
you can use your own bot created via BotFather, or use our universal bot @Passquare_wallet_bot.

Your bot will perform a variety of functions: answer customer questions, provide current information, manage the issuance and viewing of loyalty cards, talk about promotions, remind about visits, request feedback, and conduct segmented push broadcasts. Integration with ChatGPT is available on premium tariffs.
Welcome promo codes and bonuses
Welcome bonuses motivate customers to acquire wallet cards. Upon installing the card, the customer receives a bonus specified by you. The bonus is determined by the entered promo code or can be set the same for everyone. Using welcome promo codes is convenient for tracking the sources of card installations.
Welcome promo codes and bonuses for Apple Wallet Passes and Google Wallet Passes
Referral promo codes and bonuses
The module enables you to attract new customers through referrals. Loyal customers are eager to recommend your company to their friends. All you need to do is to incentivize them to do so more frequently by offering an additional bonus for referring a new client to the loyalty program. Once they become program members, both the client and their friend receive bonuses on their Wallet Passes. You have the flexibility to determine the size of the bonus.
Referral promo codes and bonuses for Apple Wallet Passes and Google Wallet Passes