Apple Wallet Passes and Google Wallet Passes with Loyverse POS

Integration of Loyverse and Passquare services offers opportunities for automating and managing your loyalty program:

Automatic issuance of digital loyalty cards: Your current and potential customers can easily obtain digital loyalty cards without requiring direct staff involvement. Cards can be easily added to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet applications.

Issue wallet pass with Loyverse
Automatic POS synchronization: All issued cards appear in your Loyverse account. The cards display an identifier in the form of either the card number or the phone number. These cards are ready for customers to use.
Wallet passes with Loyverse
Wallet passes list in Loyverse
Real-time information updates: Digital cards display up-to-date information about your company and customer privileges. We provide live-updating information to ensure your customers are informed of the latest news and offers.
Update wallet pass balance in Loyverse
Wallet passes balances from Loyverse
Bonus tracking and notification: When a customer makes a purchase, their bonus balance is automatically updated, and bonus information is displayed on their loyalty card. Customers also receive notifications about their balance and the latest offers from your company.
Send push from Loyverse
Loyverse and Passquare integration allows you to easily manage your loyalty program and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction with your services and products.

After issuing cards to your customers, you can integrate referral mechanics to organically grow your customer base. Next, you can configure automatic segments based on your customers' purchasing activities. For each segment, you can set up special promotions and triggers to manage customer activity effectively.