Wallet Passes built
for Online Store

Business: Online children's clothing store
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2023-2024
Time: 4 months
Revenue growth: 15,000 €
The online children's clothing store has encountered a problem where some visitors do not complete the checkout process and abandon their carts. Additionally, some first-time buyers do not become repeat customers. Therefore, in collaboration with the online children's clothing store, we have decided to analyze this situation in more detail and address these issues to increase the percentage of successfully completed orders. Our aim is to not only increase the number of purchases per customer but also to enhance customer lifetime value (LTV).

The solution to effectively manage existing and potential clients involved digitizing all current clients and website visitors. Once a client received their Wallet Pass, the system began tracking and saving all client actions. Specifically configured triggers would activate at the right moment, offering clients special personalized messages, promotions, and offers through push notifications sent to their Wallet Pass.

Issuance of Wallet Passes to existing clients: An email was sent to all existing clients inviting them to set up their Wallet Pass with just one tap.
Issuance of Wallet Passes to potential clients and website visitors: All website visitors are offered the option to get the Wallet Pass and receive a pleasant bonus for their first purchase.
Analysis of abandoned carts: Whenever a product is added to the cart on the online store, a hook is sent to Passquare. If 24 hours pass after adding the product to the cart without completing the order, a trigger is activated, and the client is offered a promotion. Push notifications are then sent to encourage them to complete the order.
Abandoned cart push notification
Feedback collection after purchase: 24 hours after the client receives their order, they are sent push notifications requesting feedback on their satisfaction with the order.
Feedback collection push notification
Next purchase bonus: 30 days after a successful order, a promotion is created for the client, offering a bonus for their next purchase, and information is sent via push notification through Wallet Pass.
Next purchase push notification
During the 4-month period, notable achievements were attained:
  • 63% of existing customers have installed Wallet Passes on their mobile phones.
  • Among anonymous website visitors, 37% opted to install Wallet Passes, with 34% of them making their initial purchase.
  • The abandonment rate of online shopping carts saw a significant reduction, decreasing by 2x over the period.
  • Dissatisfied customers decreased by 3x, indicating a considerable enhancement in overall satisfaction.
  • Repeat purchases surged by 41%, demonstrating heightened customer loyalty.
  • The Lifetime Value (LTV) experienced a notable uptick of 18%, reflecting improved customer engagement and value retention.

As a result of the collaboration, a significant portion of both existing and potential clients were digitized. Automatic feedback collection was set up after purchases, leading to an increase in metrics such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), average order value, purchase frequency per customer, and LTV (Customer Lifetime Value). At the conclusion of the collaboration, customers of the children's online store rate the company's work as customer-oriented and recommend this store to their friends.